Everyday Times
Volume 1, Issue 9

Splish Splash

Children’s learning opportunities are “fixtures” in your bathroom!

Beyond learning simply “to use the facilities,” young children find a home’s bathroom a great setting for all sorts of learning experiences. The presence of running water and fascinating “furnishings” guarantees interest and openness to all sorts of activities.

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Picture of baby in the tub
Rub-a-dub-dub, the tub’s at the hub of learning opportunities in the bathroom.
Washing hands can be good clean fun.
Washing hands
Using the bathtub faucet
Observe how bathroom plumbing works.
Good Grooming starts here.
Brushing hair
Brushing Teeth
This is the place to create bright smiles.
Interesting discoveries abound at laundry time.
Towel in the dryer
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