Everyday Times
Volume 1, Issue 10

Splish Splash

Open books and open minds on a visit to the public library!

Perhaps there’s no better place to introduce a young child to the important world of reading than a library. Low shelves, attractive book displays, child-sized seating, and special story times are some of the features that make a library’s children’s department a wonderful place to plant and nurture a lifelong love of books.

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Picture of child reading in a library
Sharing new storybooks with mom is part of the fun.
Colorful illustrations add to the enjoyment and understanding of picture books.
Picture of book and hands
Picture of librarian with a puppet
A children's librarian uses songs, puppets, and other props to introduce new stories to groups of children.
Sample stories before deciding which ones to borrow and take home.
Picture two people reading a book together
Picture of two kids using computer in library
Some libraries give children opportunities to use computers.
Special performances for children are a fun feature of many children's libraries.
Picture of man playing guitar in library
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