Everyday Times
Volume 1, Issue 2

Dig In

Uncovering delightful learning experiences in your garden

How does your garden grow? Is it a carefully tilled and planted section of your backyard? A collection of clay pots arranged in a sunny window? A raised bed well nourished with organic compost? A miniature flower border encircling your mailbox? Whatever it's size and form, your humble garden spot is actually an extraordinary classroom. Look closely. It's a place where young children can flourish and grow, right along with the flowers and vegetables!

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Raking the garden
Learning to use a rake is part of the fun of gardening.
Planting seedlings brings a quick sense of accomplishment.
Planting seedlings
Checking out the corn
Planting seeds allows your child to witness a plant's full growth cycle.
Planting seeds is fun
Watering with a hose
Water play is one of the delights of gardening.
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