Everyday Times
Volume 1, Issue 3

To market! To market!

for super learning fun!

Young minds can find routine shopping trips a great time to grow. Supermarkets, farmer's markets, hardware stores, department stores - shops of every kind - offer a world of terrific learning opportunities. Look at the experience from a child's point of view and you'll discover wonderful objects, activities, and sensations guaranteed to engage the interest and curiosity of every young child.

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Picture of mom putting baby into carseat
Getting there is part of the adventure.
Getting to push a shopping cart can be lots of fun.
Picture of children in the shopping cart
Picture of child weighing bananas
Learning about weights and scales happens naturally in the produce department.
Examining all the possibilities makes it easier to buy shoes.
Picture of dad and daughter picking out shoes
Picture of mom and child selecting videos
Scanning the shelves leads to a welcome discovery.
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