Everyday Times
Volume 1, Issue 6

Someone's in the kitchen

It's a great place to stir up a batch of learning fun

In many households, the kitchen is the principal family gathering place. It's the room where parents and children meet naturally throughout the day to nourish both body and spirit. Often, young children are happiest there - close to and interacting with mom or dad as they go about daily cooking and cleaning chores. Kitchens are both comforting and stimulating - great places for learning to happen.

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Picture of girl making cookies
Serving a dish "I made myself" is a young childs delight.
The kitchen sink can be the key to hours of fun learning.
Picture of children playing at the sink
Picture of a family eating together
Shared meals can be the setting for happy, rewarding moments in family life.
Lending a hand at meal preparation time builds skills and confindence.
Picture of girl preparing lettuce
Picture of children sharing a snack
Children combine snack time with tasty morsels of learning.
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