Everyday Times
Volume 1, Issue 7

Splish Splash

Wet and wonderful learning experiences are afloat wherever there is WATER!

Children who love water are drawn to it anywhere and everywhere, from a neighborhood pool to the kitchen sink! Learning opportunities abound in and around the water, so head to the beach, lakeside, bathtub, or garden hose for watery learning fun!

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Picture of baby in the bathtub
To most children, bathtime has little to do with getting clean.
A day at the beach means oceans of fun.
Picture of kids building a sandcastle
Picture of child feeding a duck
Lakes, creeks, and ponds make appealing destinations for family outings.
Swimming pools are irresistible for children who love to make a splash.
Picture of child swimming with mom
Picture of child using a watering can
Using a watering can or hose is part of the fun of gardening.
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