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Power of the Ordinary is a celebration of the rich array of powerful learning opportunities occurring throughout the everyday lives of young children ages birth to six. Begin your travels through everyday moments with the Power of the Ordinary slide show--a photographic journey of young children's everyday natural learning environments. Any place. Any time. Anywhere. The possibilities of learning are endless. Everyday child life is made up of ordinary but powerful family and community activities and experiences. These everyday experiences provide children with many kinds of learning opportunities laying the foundation for their future growth and development.

The Power of the Ordinary Slide Show uses documentary photography of young children's everyday lives to illuminate the positive things families, caregivers, and communities do each and every day to support young children's learning.

Power of the Ordinary features children ages birth to six years of age from diverse economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, including children with and without disabilities and typically developing children.

Begin your journey through the exciting world of ordinary, yet powerful experiences of everyday learning.

The Power of the Ordinary Public Service Announcement informs parents, early childhood professionals, and other community members about the value of everyday learning opportunites. The Public Service Announcement can be customized to tell the public that your program or community initiative is committed to the Power of the Ordinary.

And, for research into everyday life as a source of children's learning opportunities, see our publications.

Enjoy the journey of learning...

Everyday Times

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Parks Are Perfect! - Issue 1
For learning opportunities as wide as the open sky, parks are perfect.

Dig In! - Issue 2
Uncovering delightful learning experiences in your garden.

To Market, To Market...For Super Learning Fun - Issue 3
Fun learning opportunities down miles of aisles.

Step by Step - Issue 4
Walk your way to learning fun!

Social Butterfly Babies - Issue 5
Babies blossom with plenty of social interaction.

Someone's in the Kitchen! - Issue 6
It's a great place to stir up a batch of learning fun.

Splish Splash - Issue 7
Wet and wonderful learning experiences are afloat wherever there's water.

Wonderful Water - Issue 8
Ponds and streams overflow with natural learning opportunities!

Beyond Tiles and Towels - Issue 9
Learning opportunities are "fixtures" in your bathroom!

A World of Words - Issue 10
Open books and open minds on a visit to the public library!